• Choosing Mobitronix will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses in market and competition research, establishing and developing business ties.
    Using our assistance you shall significantly simplify the process of purchases. We will take care of the complicated purchasing part in the unfamiliar country which will allow you to concentrate on you product movement in your market.
  • Based on almost 10 years of local and international market experience we can say that today Mobitronix is one of the leaders of the outsourcing and supplies sector. Our unique product package and focus on customer service makes us stand out of the line of middle size wholesale companies. Our client is always our partner and we keep your interests our priority.

Computer Equipment and Requisites

Personal Computers:
Collaborating with Mobitronix, you will get direct contacts with the main producers of computers: HP-Compaq, Dell, Acer, IBM, Asus, Toshiba and others. For each computer guarantee of producer is extended, this will allow to your business to avoid any technical risks. All components of the computers undergo laboratory tests and are supplied with the appropriate certificates of quality.

PC Spare Parts:
We supply internationally known brands of computer spare parts. Among them HP, Canon, Compaq, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Epson, Dell and many others.

Dealing directly with the producers, you get “guarantee from the producer” on any parts for the computer, including processors, mother boards, working storages, video adapters etŮ.

Production is certified and supplied with the certificates of quality.  ut if your business is oriented to work with the outlying equipment, then to your attention we bring model range of the world known producers, including the exclusive and limited models.

Carriers on the flash-memory began to conquer popularity since the beginning of 2000. Because of their compactness, mobility and ease in the rerecording of files they are still very popular.

Due to high popularity of flash-carriers, it is not surprising that the poor quality of memory chips, which are produced by unknown companies with many faults in the technology of production, appear on the market. Often the swindlers attempt to give out their fakes as well-known brands.

Mobitronix has direct contacts with the producers and therefore gives a guarantee that you will get a high quality product at your disposal with all appropriate certificates of quality.

Producers can offer you all types of the Flash- accumulators: USB Of flash Of drive, SD, MMC, Compact Of flash, xD, Memory sticks, etc.

Because of their size and they don’t require power in their work flash chips widely used in the portable devices which work from batteries and the accumulators - digital and video cameras, digital dictaphones, MP3, cell phones, KPK etc. Variety of similar devices is widens, therefore demand for them will increase henceforth.

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