• Choosing Mobitronix will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses in market and competition research, establishing and developing business ties.
    Using our assistance you shall significantly simplify the process of purchases. We will take care of the complicated purchasing part in the unfamiliar country which will allow you to concentrate on you product movement in your market.
  • Based on almost 10 years of local and international market experience we can say that today Mobitronix is one of the leaders of the outsourcing and supplies sector. Our unique product package and focus on customer service makes us stand out of the line of middle size wholesale companies. Our client is always our partner and we keep your interests our priority.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones:
Mobitronix is one of the pioneers of wholesale supply of mobile telephones and accessories directly from manufacturers to companies in different countries. WE have direct link to major producers of mobile phones Nokia, SonyEriccsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG and many others.

We pay extra attention to development of exclusive products sector; we were one the first companies to receive distributorship rights for export of Vertu and iPhone telephones to market.

Our database of products is regularly updated with new models, specifications and reviews.

Satellite phones:

Satellite telephone - is the cell phone, which transmits information directly through the special communication satellites. Because of the newest space developments, the area of the signal of satellite telephone can be separate region, whole continents or even entire Earth.

For several years Mobitronix is closely collaborates with the producers of the satellite telephones: Immarsat, Globalsat, Thuraya, Iridium and others.

They are ready to offer you all varieties of the satellite phones: mobile satellite phones, automobile satellite phones, ship satellite phones and fix line satellite telephones. Usually fix line satellite phones are used, where possibility for another traditional connection is absent.

Taking into account that the cost of conversations and additional services of the operators of satellite communication is constantly reducing, and satellite phones get supplemented with new fixtures, such as GPS, SMS, connection to the Internet - makes this market to grow very fast.

On your demand, Mobitronix can put you directly with any producer of satellite phones and with any operator of satellite communication.

We are an official distributor of CPhone brand.

CPhones are cellular, desktop or satellite phones that provide security against anyone listening in on your calls. To set up a secure call, both parties need to use a CPhone.

Today`s complex telephone systems make it impossible to predict what path a phone call takes inside the network. Calls are routinely transported over unencrypted directional microwave radio links that are subject to easy interception with even modest equipment. In order to save costs, calls are frequently routed through networks or operators that might have dubious security standards. Your whole business confidentiality might get compromised by a single corrupt phone company employee.

All these threats can be eliminated by using the CPhone.

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