• Choosing Mobitronix will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses in market and competition research, establishing and developing business ties.
    Using our assistance you shall significantly simplify the process of purchases. We will take care of the complicated purchasing part in the unfamiliar country which will allow you to concentrate on you product movement in your market.
  • Based on almost 10 years of local and international market experience we can say that today Mobitronix is one of the leaders of the outsourcing and supplies sector. Our unique product package and focus on customer service makes us stand out of the line of middle size wholesale companies. Our client is always our partner and we keep your interests our priority.

Telephone and Telecommunication Equipment

Mobitronix has vast experience of successful business relationships with the manufacturers of radio stations. Our partners are ready to offer you professional, portable, mobile, basic and ship radio stations manufactured from MOTOROLA, KENWOOD, ICOM, VERTEX-STANDARD.
You can purchase not only widespread frequency of 27 MHz, but also on the frequency range of the land, sea and river mobile services: 33-48.5; 57-78; 146-174; 300-337; 403-486 MHz;
We offer a wide selection of radio stations of lesser capacities with range UHF (433-435 MHz), which already earned popularity all over the world. This type of radio stations are designed for communications within the limited territory.
These radio stations are best applicable for security companies, warehouses, hotels, exhibitions, expeditors, etc.
All radio stations provide two-way and also group connection, high legibility of speech. They are very attractive because of the low cost, no fee for traffic, economical and extremely easy in operation.

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